Top 10 Yoga Moves You See in NYC

Yoga is not just regulated to studios or gyms. It can also be used to navigate through its busy streets of NYC. Here are some yoga poses you may recognize as you go through your day.

1) The Subway Pole Arm Stretch

Finding a place to hold on in a packed subway car can be challenging. Trying to wrap your arm in front of a man in a suit while avoiding crashing into a stroller may feel like taking the bind in side angle pose, but nothing beats that killer shoulder opener.

2) The Rainy Day Curb Lunge

NY1 said clear skies but you are faced with a sudden attack when the humidity breaks into full on monsoon. Your waterproof boots don't really go with your work clothes anyway. But, how to get from the office to happy hour in the downpour? This high lunge helps NYC yogis step over the lakes that rise up between the sidewalk and the street every time it rains. Go on and wear those heels and grab that drink. You've earned it.

3)  The Party Pet Back Bend

You're at your friend's housewarming, when you see that they own a kitten/puppy/small and fluffy anything. Immediately, you make friends with it by reaching down to stroke it's fine fur, arching your back and waking up that spine. Damn apartment rules forbidding animals. At least your building is rent controlled.

4) The Coffee Cup/Bag/Cell/Yoga Mat Arm Balance

There's a packed day in Manhattan ahead of you and not enough time to go back to Woodside in between. That's OK because you have mastered the delicate art of holding your life slung over one shoulder while caffeinating and emailing your boss. 

5) The "Get Me Out of Times Square" Twist

Sometimes this tourist mecca is unavoidable, and an escape plan to avoid being consumed by a crowd of M&M store-goers is inevitable. Those able to twist around in order to lessen their width can squeeze through the school field trip on their way to see Wicked or the couple looking at who knows what in the sky. What is it? Have you not seen buildings before?

6) The Crosswalk Warrior

Successfully getting across the street without being hit by an overzealous driver turning left can feel like a battle. The savvy pedestrian uses their warrior-like focus on their destination and forges ahead with determination and ease.

7) The Free Ticket/Burrito/Show Mountain Pose

There's basically no limit to how long New Yorkers will stand in a line for free stuff. Waiting in Central Park at 5AM for Shakespeare? Sure! Standing around the corner to get a $1 burrito from Chipotle? Alright! Your stance is strong with all four-corners of your feet routed to the Earth. No one is stealing your place in line that you earned through perseverance, sheer will power, and a love of all things free.

8) The Meet Up Side Bend

You're sitting at a your local drinking establishment waiting for a friend/OKCupid Date/human. Did they just walk in? How can you look through this crowd of people without giving up the coveted seat by the bar? A lateral side bend does the trick, while noncommittally checking out who just stepped in. "Oh, I wasn't waving to you, person who looks like someone I know, but is someone I def do not know. I was just reaching up to fix my hair."

9) The How Do I Dance to This? Dancer's Pose

EDM, Folk, Country Dubstep? Whatever deep Brooklyn warehouse you find yourself in, you know how to find grace and balance. At least you won't feel self-conscious when everyone else seems just as lost as you. Reach out, grab your foot, balance, and get your groove on.

10) The After a Long Day Shavasana

You've survived another day in the big city! You've earned a good rest before the next one.